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Former Pakistani players opening up controversies against each other

Spot-fixing has been part of Pakistan’s cricket for so long. A few got revealed while a few must-have stayed anonymous as the recent controversies opened up by many former cricketers have revealed their mate’s involvement in the fixing earlier.

Mohammad Asif, who was an aggressive fast bowler, got banned and was jailed in England after being involved in match-fixing in a test match against England at Lords along with Mohammad Amir. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) gave chance to Amir again but Asif has not been welcomed again.

Recently, he has complained and cursed PCB for saving Amir’s career and dealing unfairly with him.

“I curse the PCB for how they rescued his career. It was his obligation to help Pakistan cricket in a tough situation and he should have stayed, especially when they had helped him return,” Asif said.

“Players had been indulging in fixing before me and even after me. But those before me are working with PCB and there are few after me still playing,” Asif told ESPNCricinfo.

“Everyone was given a second chance and there are few who never got the same treatment as me. PCB never tried to save me regardless of the fact that I am the kind of bowler who was highly regarded by everyone in the world,” he added.

It is to be noted that Asif also disclosed regarding Shoaib Akhtar saying back in 2006, in Karachi Test, Akhtar was afraid to bowl to Indian batsmen and has credited himself for showing the way to bowl to Akhtar.

On the other hand, more former cricketing bodies such as Khalid Mehmood, Atta ur Rehaman, Rashid Latif joint forces, and hatched some players as criminals directly or indirectly.

Khalid Mehmood, the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has clarified his earlier statements as well. Making a new claim, he said that the defeats of Pakistan against Bangladesh, India, and Australia were not fixed back in ICC World Cup 1998. Earlier, he has clarified that he only meant to say that the performances were not up to the mark, not directly fixed.

In an earlier video, he clarified Atta ur Rehman as a liar and queried whether if he has been ever sincere in his statements in Justice Qayyum’s report.

Recently, many former faces have come forward revealing each other as culprits with no proof, however, Rashid Latif, the former wicket-keeper, says that he has videos as proves against many players and incidents but has denied taking names.


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