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“I will drag him to the court”, said the journalist after being understandably miffed by Shaheen Shah Afridi

Pakistani left arm-pacer, Shaheen Shah Afridi has dragged himself into hot waters after making racist commands at the journalist in a conference.

The memorable day after his remarkable performance ended up with something that brought a kind of tragedy to him. He alleged racism over a journalist in a sarcastic way but, that crossed the fine line of limit at instance.

Addressing the media on Saturday, when a journalist asked him a question, Shaheen criticised him for his skin colour saying, “Please throw some light on yourself so that I can see you clearly.”

The journalist in clear terms was miffed by Shaheen and later released a video requiring pardoning publicly from him or else warned him to drag the matter to court.

However, the last few months have been fruitful and treasured for him. Earlier this week, he took a milestone of getting five-wickets haul in ongoing Test match against Sri Lanka. But, the memorable day has ended up leading him into troubles and hot waters.

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