Imam ul Haq in a video conference

Imam ul Haq, the opening batsman of Pakistan Cricket Team was in a video conference with the journalists where he has spoken about many factors of the cricket.

Imam discussed his fitness and the affect of Coronavirus outbreak on fitness level for the matches. He uttered the comeback of international cricket at the home ground and how the fans welcomed it along with the cricket behind the closed doors. Players mental health, his own performance, and inconsistency in T20Is.

Imam on his fitness level:

“If I talk about my own fitness level, I don’t think so it is going to be much affected as I have hired a trainer online to guide me via video call. I have amalgamated all necessary accessories needed for the gym at home. Obviously the level would be different as we are not having proper sessions but still it would not affect my level much.”

Imam on the comeback of international cricket at home:

“Fans have given a warm welcome to the foreigners. Last year, we played against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Later, the PSL continued with its charm. We could not perform well, however, last year as 2019 has not went so good for us; we lost many.”

Imam on the cricket behind closed doors:

“The charm is lost without the crowd and it feels odd playing without them but if that is what the PCB wants then we have to support that. For T20 World Cup, It’s the ICC’s decision as well as the boards’ but I do think that crowds should be allowed.”

Imam on players mental health:

“Mental health is one of the important factors in cricket. When one steps into the ground, the pressure of the opposition is mental, it’s not like that it will affect our physical health and fitness.”

Imam on his performance:

I know I haven’t been scoring much runs but my average against South Africa’s series was pretty fine. I belong to a shorter format and as I’m not a test player, my recent progress has not been exceptional. Other than that, team has just hardly indulged into 2-3 ODIs and I haven’t got a perfect chance to utilize my talent.”

Imam on his targets of T20 World Cup:

“I don’t usually make targets as they pressurized a person. My goal is just work hard as everyone is unsure about their selection. So, working hard is the only target for T20 World Cup”

Imam on his inconsistency:

“I got a chance to play only one Test match after ICC World Cup 2019 and I performed only once. Later, I was dropped off squad. I know my performance has not been upto the mark. For this, I’m trying to work better on the strategies given by the management. It is not like that I’ll start hitting hundreds everytime. Performance never remains consistent for everyone. As I’m not a better test player, I’m working on it with the board for improvements.”



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