Kamran Akmal supports department cricket in Pakistan

Kamran Akmal, the wicket-keeping batsman of Pakistan with incredible skills, has always been the light of all formats of cricket. Especially in shorter forms of cricket, he has trashed the opponents several times with his hard-hitting knocks.

Kamran was in a live show known as The Quarantine show with the journalist, Shahzaib Ali, and sports statistician, Sohail Khan. He vocalized some statements over different cricketing scenarios.

He has highly emphasised upon department cricket in Pakistan.

Pakistan was incredibly exceptional in its departmental cricket structure once. Players used to play and earn for their basic needs. Kamran was one of the players of department cricket. Kamran has played from National Bank, Wapda. He thinks that department cricket digs the best out of players and has slammed some seniors who, after utilizing it, have left their chairs.

“Once, department cricket was well in Pakistan. I moved step by step ahead to touch the skies. The management has been unfair to players. Those who used to earn in Lakh have been dropped to a few thousand by which it’s hard to buy a bat even. The management shall look into the matter, they can go for minimizing the strength and number of teams, but such type of cricket shall not be neglected. Players have utilized from it and have left their chairs when its time for youngsters to go through it, they don’t want departmental cricket.”

Kamran was asked about his Pakistan Super League’s experience in Peshawar Zalmi kicking off with a magnificent hundred and some bombastic performances ahead. He also added how foreign players have contributed to the comeback of cricket in Pakistan.

“I began with a hundred but somehow lost the momentum a bit. Then, I went for better scores as well. The season was pretty fine for me as a player of Peshawar Zalmi. I admire foreign players, and we shall thank them for showing the positive and terror-free image of Pakistan to the world. International cricket has moved its steps back to Pakistan due to international players; West Indies visited us, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka as well. Also, cricket in Sharjah and Dubai has given support to Pakistan cricket.” Kamran said.

On his thoughts on Indian Premier League, Kamran making the comparison between IPL and PSL added,

“IPL is the world-class league that no other league can beat in class. No league could produce the class like that of IPL. I got a chance to play with the bigger names in cricket. But PSL produced such classy pacer and spinners that no other league can produce. Pakistan is the land of pacemen, and this is the quality of PSL that no other league has.”


Moreover, Kamran went ahead with nostalgic moments where he enjoyed his Test cricket moments against different teams. He disclosed how he got a chance to play under the captaincy of Inzamam and share a dressing room with him and how his journey felt like a dream coming true. When questioned about why the Akmal brothers went for wicket-keeping only, he urged,

“This doesn’t depend upon a player. Players are forced to do what the management wants. Umar isn’t a wicket-keeping man. It requires a professional man to do that. He was forced to do wicket-keeping, which affected his batting as well. It is PCB who shall look into the matter.”

Kamran Akmal has been the man with many sincere records for Pakistan. He has always gone for a sound partnership often with almost every opening player and admires Hafeez and Razzaq as a perfect opening partner.

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