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No slash in employees and players wages: PCB

No slash in employees and players wages: PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has unveiled that there will be no slash in the salaries of employees and players amid Coronavirus that is being spread across the globe on a larger scale.

There is a pessimistic effect of Coronavirus on the sports body thence, PCB is equally disturbed financially.

The PCB was to generate higher sizable revenues this year due to PSL, but it got canceled amid Coronavirus, which has granted a surplus loss. However, the CEO of PCB has revealed that the board is in enough sufficient situation that it can pay its centrally contracted players and employees.

PSL, calling off shortly, is to cause estimated financial trouble of $5 Million to the PSL franchises and PCB.

The cricket authorities will come up with new budgeting and financing plans on June 1. The players and employees are to get a complete unit in their wages until the contract expires.

In case of any ebb and flows, the board will denounce their budgeting plans, but the committee doesn’t want to restrict the working team as everyone has to deal with finances in these tough situations caused by Coronavirus.

“Our financial situation is in control, but if in the next 12 to 14 months the situation doesn’t ease-out, then the board will face trouble,” Wasim Khan, the CEO said.

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1 Comment

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