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Pakistan achievements in Special Olympics

Pakistani athletes ended their Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017  with 16 medals including 3 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. This event started on 14th March and ended on 25th March 2017.

Here is the list of medal winners from team Pakistan.


1. Sabahat Tariq

2. Huzaifa Qazi

3. Rimsha Naeem

4. Farah Ehsan

5. Fatima Amir


1. Muhammad Abdullah

2. Pervez Ahmed

3. Fatima Amir

4. Usama  Aziz

5. Muhammad Hamza

6. Huzaifa Qazi


1. Mehwish Tufail

2. Tehmeena

3. Muhammad Hamza

This was the second time that Pakistan competed in the World Winter Games. Have a look at the journey of Pakistan’s athletes in Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. Sabahat Tariq claimed the gold medal in the women’s 100-metre sprint. Whereas, Huzaifa Qazi claimed the gold in the 200-metre snowshoe race. Third gold medal won by women’s snowshoeing team in the relay race, covering the distance in a minute and 54 seconds.

Men’s snowshoeing team won a team silver medal in 4x100M relay. Pervez Ahmed won two silver medals in snowshoeing 100M and 200M race whereas, Fatima Amir from women team won two silver medals for snowshoeing 100M and 200M race. Usama Aziz won a silver medal for cross country 100M race classical. Huzaifa Qazi along with the team medal also win a solo silver medal in snowshoeing 100M race.

Mehwish Tufail won two bronze medal in cross country 50M and 100 M race classical. Tehmeena also win a single bronze medal in cross country 100M race classical. From men’s team, Muhammad Hamza won 3rd bronze medal for Pakistan in snowshoeing 200M race.

Pakistan’s squad comprises of 12 athletes including;


Muhammad Hamza Aslam


Usama Aziz

Muhammad Abdullah Pervez



Farah Ehsan

Mehwish Tufail

Rimsha Naeem Tehmeena

Eight athletes participated in the snowshoeing while remaining four participated in cross-country skiing.

According to management, they spent a year preparing for the event and held an overall six training camps. According to the chief of the delegation Aneesur Rehman, the athletes enjoyed their stay in Austria and competed with a very high spirit.

Pakistan achievements in Special Olympics
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