Pakistan Street World Cup heroes are living from hand to mouth

To worship the rising sun has become the order of the day, people are praised by public and media if they attempt or achieve something extraordinary but with time they are either forgotten or end up being a hashtag on twitter that too on specific days. Such is the state of charm and charisma that nobody bets an eye if you are no longer beneficial to them

Pakistan street children world cup heroes who won bronze at 2014 street children world cup are now leading a miserable life and they are left on the will of God, all promises and agreements turn out to be subtle and mere word of mouth

Here are some of the personal accounts of the members of Pakistan street children team who are abandoned on streets to live a life they were previously living;

“I was a fisherman when I was 14 before I was selected for the football tournament. I am still a fisherman and I don’t know what else is there for me” – Mehr

Mehr added, “I am suffering from chikungunya and I don’t have enough money to get treated for this disease. I was also promised a house and quality education but they were never fulfilled “

Mehr also revealed that, representatives of Azad Foundation verbally abuse them if they raise their voice against their NGO

Raziq told, “We were paid RS.25, 000 which was later reduced to 18,000” He also said, “ We got Azad Foundation the recognition they needed which brought them a lot of foreign funding but at the end of the day we remained helpless and deprived of the basic necessities “

Meanwhile, Azad Foundation have tried to block all other moves that can help these children participate in other tournaments

PIA’s Coach Shamim said “ We were interested in picking the children but Azad Foundation never let us do so, instead they bargain with PIA’S MD and chairman” He added , “ They were almost holding the kids and coach hostage and would never allow them to communicate with us “

According to the officials of Azad Foundation, “All the former Street Child team players are well-off, educated and playing for PIA”

Such hideous NGOs working in Pakistan can use anyone as a leverage to gain fame and once the purpose is served, they discard them

Source – Express Tribune

Pakistan Street World Cup heroes are living from hand to mouth
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