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Pakistan Womens Cricket Team’s Coach Scratches Out A Reasonable Report.

Pakistan Women’s cricket team’s World Cup campaign neither had a positive start nor a good end either. The team almost was the winner of their first match in the World Cup against South Africa until they couldn’t hold their nerves in the end. They suffered a narrow defeat in the first game, but the worst was on their way. Against England they conceded 377 runs in the first innings, Pakistan’s coach said that Pakistan had lost the match even before the players went to bat. Against India, they failed to chase 170 runs while chasing. They only managed to score 74 runs. Pakistan Women’s team went on losing the rest of the games in the group stages and came back home without wining a game. Right when media and people were busy in hitting the PCB and authorities about not giving them the perfect facilities, the coach of Women’s team turned in a 14 pages report on the overview of the Women’s team under him so far.

Azhar, the head coach, highly criticized a number of things but on the same side he recommended possible solutions.

Azhar targeted 3 to 4 team members and team management members and suggested that as long as the are present in the squad, the women’s cricket of Pakistan will be not going anywhere from here in future. He also said that it would affect the growth of other players in the squad.

 Azhar highly criticized the team captain, Sana Mir and the team manager. He added “self-centred, egotistical and being wrapped up in oneself” regarding Sana Mir’s leadership.

He went on explaining that those, in the squad, who are taken as role-models for others don’t really care about the team.

 “To them, the ‘team’ is nowhere near as important as the ‘me’. ‘What’s in it for me? I want more playing time. I should be starting instead of them! My average, My stats, My salary, etc.’ Similarly, Sana Mir’s ‘me-whining’ affected the mindset of aspiring young players to understand how important teamwork really is to success and any team game is not about ‘me’, it’s about ‘we’!” Said the coach, Azhar.

 He went on saying that captain Sana Mir holds the higher hand among the players when it comes to demoralizing the confidence of our own players. He added that she often praised players of other teams than her own’s. He blames Sana Mir for damaging the natural game of their batters and bowlers.

 “Similarly, the captain selfishly used to bowl herself at such a time during the match when she knew that the batters won’t go after the bowling and her bowling figures won’t be destroyed. She had a jealousy factor in her mind that what will happen if the other bowler takes a wicket or two and gets an extended spell of bowling.” Added Azhar.

 After landing in the report about the captain Sana Mir, he went on reporting Ashar. Ashar had been the team manager of Pakistan Women’s Team for 9 years now.

He complained about the favouritism the team manager brought in the dressing room. Azhar says that Ashar usually gave all attention to 3 players while her attitude with the young players was rude and cold.

 The report recommends to take action against any negativity in the Pakistan Women’s Cricket. Since there’s no proper domestic system in the country for Women’s cricket, Azhar suggests that the board should organize A team tours and send the players in abroad domestic leagues to improve the standard of women’s cricket among the women’s cricket.

 Earlier, reports came out that someone has been providing central contract to women cricketers who never played international cricket while those who have been playing international cricket for Pakistan Women’s are not awarded the central contract. Reports suggest that PCB offered central contracts on the basis of politics and favoritism. It’s a surprising fact that many players including Maham Tariq, Aymen Anwar, and Kainat Imtiaz were not offered central contracts. Sources also claim that Nain Abidi also holds no central contract.

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