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Pakistani cricketer punished for overtaking DPO’s vehicle and people are extremely angry

Pakistan’s all-rounder Aamir Yamin was humiliated by local police on Sunday after he attempted to overtake vehicle of a senior police official near Toba TeK Singh. According to reports Pakistan cricketer Aamer Yamin has been punished by the police for overtaking the vehicle of Divisional Police Officer (DPO). The cricketer was also made to sit for hours in the police station and wasn’t treated properly.

Amir Yamin who is a member of Pakistan’s T20i squad and is scheduled to leave for Dubai on Monday to join his side for the three-match series against Sri Lanka was traveling Faisalabad when he tried to overtake a vehicle near Toba Tek Singh, which apparently offended DPO Toba Tek Singh Usman Akram Gondal and to punish Aamir for overtaking the vehicle, police took the cricketer to Gojra City police station where he was kept for more than two hours.

Aamir was released after TV Channels reported the ordeal of national cricketer and PCB also took action. However, police didn’t shy away from saying that the player was released after a warning.

DPO Usman Akram Gondal said the cricketer was brought to police station for overtaking his vehicle and we was allowed to leave after being issued a warning. Shame!

The cricket fans of Pakistan were not at all amused by the fact that Aamer Yamin was punished and held by the police for hours for just overtaking the vehicle of DPO. The support poured in for the cricketer on Twitter and the men in uniform had to face the heat. While some of the users trolled the police, few were livid with their action and suggested them to respect the national heroes. There were also a few people who asked the police if overtaking a vehicle of a high official is a crime in Pakistan.

As this guy raised a very valid question:

That should be done:

That guy from New York simply ends this matter:

This guy seems very angry:

Shame on you punjab police, that guy tweeted:

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