PCB bash Afghanistan Cricket Board Over Political Statement

Pakistan Cricket Board and Afghan Cricket Board reached an agreement in Lahore on May 28th, 2017 for betterment of cricket in both regions. PCB agreed to provide ground curators and some more facilities to improve cricket in Afghanistan. Pakistan Cricket Board also agreed on sending their star players to Afghanistan for the Afghani T20 domestic tournament despite of poor security. Pakistan Cricket Board and Afghan Cricket Board also agreed to play friendly T20 games in Kabul and Lahore. The Afghan Cricket Board chairman seemed to be delighted and added ”Our main purpose is to keep politics out of the game of cricket and improve ties”.

However the Afghan Cricket Board chairman could not stick to his words and released a statement recently of canceling the agreement between Afghan Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Board following the Kabul Blast, which was later claimed by ISIS but Afghan Cricket Board sadly declared that the blast was done by Pakistan and they do not wish to act upon the agreement anymore.

Here’s the official statement by Afghan Cricket Board :

”The ACB administration would like to offer it’s prayers and thoughts to the victims of today’s attack in Kabul and pray for the speedy recovery of the those injured in the attack.

By killing innocent and destitute people today, the enemies of Afghanistan’s peace and stability showed that they are not worthy of friendship and will not change their stance against Afghans.

In light of the findings of security services and calls by the Afghan people, the ACB hereby cancels all kinds of cricket matches and mutual relationship agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board.

No agreement of friendly matches and mutual relationship agreement is valid with a country where terrorists are housed and provided safe havens.

With the hope of prosperous and developed Afghanistan!”

This statement released by the Afghan Cricket Board was clearly baseless. Also they again involved politics and a cricket board declaring a country as it’s enemy is completely stupid. Remember, PCB in past also helped Afghanistan to establish it’s own cricket team and back in 2011 and 2012 Afghanistan Cricket Team used to play as a club in Pakistani domestic matches. Mohammad Nabi spent his whole life in Pakistan and he has played Faisal Bank T20 cup many times

After this political statement released by Afghan Cricket Board it was clear that the Afghan Cricket Board was completely political and on the level of sports ground did a mistake by calling another country an enemy as a cricket board chairman, The Pakistan Cricket Board could not stand against it and released a statement this morning. Which is as followed :

”The PCB strongly rejects the baseless allegations leveled by Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) in the wake of the tragic Kabul blast. While our sympathies are with the victims and families affected by the tragedy, we reject the irresponsible statement made by the ACB and hereby announce the cancellation of the proposed series between the two countries.

PCB has always encouraged the development of cricket in Afghanistan and millions of Afghan refugees were first introduced to the game in Pakistan. Over the years, the PCB helped cricketers in Afghanistan develop their expertise and an entire generation of Afghan national players honed their cricketing skills in Pakistan.

The informal understanding with ACB last weekend was strictly subject to conducive security conditions in Afghanistan and now stands cancelled because of continuing insecurity and instability there. It is also deeply regrettable that the ACB delegation in Pakistan was at pains to insist that politics should not impinge on cricket but has now turned around and is playing politics by laying the blame for its troubles and inadequacies on Pakistan.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board decided to breach the agreement as Afghan Cricket Board has crossed every single limit and it stands against the false claim made by Afghan media and Afghan Cricket Board against Pakistan.

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