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Rain exposes National Stadium’s dire drainage system

The opening ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the National Stadium Karachi has been called off. The decision was taken due to the heavy rain that lashed the city on Friday. As a result, the stadium outfield had become waterlogged.

It was initially reported that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) would try its best to stage the match even if it had to cut down on a few overs.  However, the state of the pitch made it impossible for the ground staff to give match officials their go-ahead.

The stadium had puddles at a variety of places, whereas the area near the boundary line was almost completely submerged.

At one point, the ground staff had attempted to work towards getting the ground ready for a 20-overs-a-side match. However, continuous downpour made sure that their plan did not come to fruition.

It is the first instance that an ODI match has been abandoned at the National Stadium due to rain without a ball being bowled.

Heavy rainfall on Friday exposed the precautionary measures of the authorities as the first ODI of of the three-match series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was abandoned at the National Stadium Karachi.

The rain started at around 1:20pm and quickly filled up the stadium with water. The downpour at first delayed the toss but eventually got the entire match abandoned.

View of National Stadium after rain in Karachi. Photo: Green Team

Since the use of super sopper, a pitch drying machine, was rendered futile due to the softness of the surface, groundsmen were tasked with sweeping off water from the outfield and the covers.

Right from the main gate of the stadium to the inner gate leading to the main venue, the entire area was submerged to the extent that gaining entry was extremely difficult.

During the Pakistan Super League (PSL) earlier year, a similar bout of rain had given the authorities a clear enough indication that the drainage system of the National Stadium was in dire condition and could create a major situation in future.

That, which was seen coming months ago, did come on Friday when the NSK entrance resembled a swimming pool more than a cricket stadium.

As a result, merely a few hundred spectators had made it inside the stadium in anticipation of a match that never happened.

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