Rashid Latif has got some serious questions

Former test captain of Pakistan cricket team, Rashid Latif breaks silence on spot fixing issue. Talking to the media at NSK he revealed, “I have been offered multiple times and I reported it to the board but no action was taken”

“All bookies I reported about were neither arrested nor inquired, they are still residing in Karachi and Lahore “

He said, “No one stood by me when I talked about corruption. I wasted supreme years of my cricketing career“

He added, “Shorter the format, larger the window for spot fixing. Power play and free hits are helpful for fixers”

Speaking about the security concerns of players he said, “How PCB responded when Umer Amin reported about bookies approach? His name was presented to media, which has now put his life on stake” He questioned if there is any system offering security to such players

He urged PCB and former players to come up with a better idea in order to clear the suspicious image of Pakistan’s cricket because Pakistan has produced some remarkable names and it is a felony to disrespect to their efforts and sacrifices

Rashid Latif has got some serious questions
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