Recent Performances of Pakistan Cricket Team and how they can improve in the upcoming series.


The Pakistan Cricket Team of late has been struggling to adjust itself on unwanted yet unfriendly conditions. They had picked to tour the western side of the world which consisted of countries like Australia and New Zealand. Although the Pakistan Cricket Team is known for its unpredictability; they put up a miserable show in New Zealand by losing the only two tests they had assigned themselves to play. The Pakistani’s presented a show of awful batting on seaming conditions of New Zealand; except two or three batsmen, there were no other batsmen who thought of adding useful runs to the tally. Surprisingly the third highest scorer of the series was a bowler – well he is now considered as a bowling – all – rounder, Sohail Khan. Heading in to a fresh new series the Pakistani’s would have a clear concept of the conditions in their mind, most importantly they need to dry up the amount of dot balls they consume, turning them into singles or trying to keep the scoreboard ticking would be more comprehending for the opposition, playing dot deliveries will only bring them in sort of a shape where they know that the batsman is going to go for a shot this ball or the other. Secondly, there should be self-belief with in the player; as we witnessed in the recent series against New Zealand, the batsmen were rather defensive and were not looking to score runs, they were on the back foot the whole time and due to the amount of dot balls they had consumed; they pressure constructed itself up and it enforced the batsmen to play rash shots, which later costed them their wicket. Thirdly; the fast bowlers need to bowl rather fuller and be tighter on their lines, Asian tactics, line’s and length’s will only cost you runs on western pitches. However, we can believe that our fast bowlers have done a very decent job on pace friendly tracks. After many batting woes in the New Zealand series, we can assume that the Pakistani’s can come up with a more battling approach versus the Aussies. And for its existence, they require buckets of motivation and support so the players believe that they’re not all on themselves.

Recent Performances of Pakistan Cricket Team and how they can improve in the upcoming series.
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