India Refused to honour ICC Women’s Championship Series vs Pakistan

So, India’s at it again! Refusing to play with Pakistan has become a norm for India now. Be it ODI or Test; be it Woman team or Men team; India has gone far out of their restraint by refusing to play Pakistan for apparently, a hilarious reason. BCCI says that with Indian soldiers being martyred each day, they have no sentiment to play against Pakistan. India says to keep Politics out of Cricket. (when Afridi praised Kashmiris in t20 WC 2016). But there is no politics in this reason according to them now.

Now, on the more pressing matter, Should teams be allowed to back off like this? Absolutely not! There is a certain code of conduct, if teams don’t follow it, then why it’s made in the first place ?! Teams shouldn’t be allowed to back off from a tour, tournament etc. like this or at all. If teams are allowed to back off like this, For example then incapacitated teams like Kenya, Zimbabwe will not play sturdy teams like India, Australia in championships ! Where’s the sport in that.

I think ICC should set some rules regarding backing off from tours/tournaments so that each team gets its chance. Moreover, ICC should take India’s incessant nature of refusing to play against Pakistan in notice, otherwise Indo-Pak fans will never be the same again if India-Pakistan rivalry is blemished because of this reason.

India Refused to honour ICC Women’s Championship Series vs Pakistan
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. umer

    December 4, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Nailed it!

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