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UK court sentences Nasir Jamshed for match fixing incidents

Nasir Jamshed, the former Pakistani batsman along with his two accomplices have been sentenced by UK court, Manchester. He could possibly be imprisoned as per the sentence to be announced in the month of February 2020 for his prior actions.

The 30 years-old along with his accomplices, Yousef Anwar and Mohammed Ijaz, were arrested as part of a National Crime Agency (NCA) for match-fixing spots.

The attempts were made to fix matches in BPL and PSL in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In both of the leagues, the decision has been set with the batsmen that they would not be scoring on the first two balls of an over in return for the bribes paid.

In a meeting held in 2016, Anwar, who was suspected of involvement in bribery and match-fixing in international cricket, has revealed that they have six players in the BPL working for them. Anwar and Ijaz pleaded guilty to conspiring in 2016 to offer bribes to players in the BPL with the intention of inducing them to perform poorly or not performing.

Also, in the PSL, the duo has admitted that they have been involved with the same relations. However, Jamshed denied it at first but, later on, accepted the crime he did back in 2016 and 2017. He was handed over with a ten-year ban in 2018 after a proper investigation.

The matter has got light after a proper investigation with the help of an undercover operation where a police officer pretended to be a member of an illegal betting syndicate.

Ian McConnell, Senior Investigating Officer of Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), said: “These men abused their privileged access to professional, international cricket to corrupt games, eroding public confidence for their own financial gain.

“Tackling corruption and bribery in its various forms is a priority for the National Crime Agency.

“We will vigorously pursue those involved and target their illicit profits which are so often used to fund further criminality.”

Jamshed made his international debut in January 2008 and last turned out for Pakistan in the 2015 ICC World Cup.

Jamshed’s spouse, however, has risen with disappointing comments. She on social media has said that,

“Today is the most difficult day of my life as Nasir starts his custodial sentence & I figure out what to tell my 4-year-old. I’ve felt the need to write this in the hope that others learn from Nasir’s mistakes & no one goes through the pain we have suffered in the last 3 years.”


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