Waqar Younis pushes for Indo-Pak bilateral series

Waqar Younis pushes for Indo-Pak bilateral series

India and Pakistan have always been arch-rivals and two different nations over politics. The burning sensation due to politics has hit the cricket and spirit of the game badly for the last few years. Senior cricketing bodies even sometimes make hateful comments on their social media platforms regarding players and the game, although it shall stay restricted to political tensions only.

The conflicts stepping into cricket has given both nations the worst time as the fans are freakingly waiting for Indo-Pak bilateral series. Pakistan and India faced each other in a bilateral round back in 2012-13. Since then, the combat between two only happened in the mega-events organized by ICC.

On the contrary, where the world has been deprived of cricket for so long, Waqar Younis, the former Pakistani bowler, has suggested an idea to hold Indo-Pak bilateral series to revive the cricket for fans as everyone craves highly for India vs. Pakistan matches.

Waqar Younis pushes for Indo-Pak bilateral series.

Determining the ratio, he thinks 95 percent out of 100 percent will be agreed on cricket amongst the arch-rivals. Giving a name to the series, Waqad added to let it be either Imran-Kapil series or Independence series, but the world will be burst out if the matches between India and Pakistan get a window.

“If you go and ask people of both the countries on whether Pakistan and India should play each other, everyone, around 95% of them will agree, that cricket between these two should be played. Be it ‘Imran-Kapil Series’ or ‘Independence Series’ or whatever name we give to it, I think that it would be the biggest hit in the world.

“I think Pakistan India should play and should play regularly to avoid depriving cricket lovers of India and Pakistan,” he said while speaking during a chat show QT20 for GloFans.

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