Younis Khan backs Shoaib Akhtar’s statements on PCB legal advisor

Younis Khan backs Shoaib Akhtar's statements on PCB legal advisor

The former test skipper of Pakistan Cricket Team, Younis Khan, has supported Shoaib Akhtar’s statement that he recently passed over Pakistan Cricket Board’s legal advisor.

Akhtar slammed the favoritism and politics that take place inside the board supporting the players they want and providing a ban along with higher sufferings to those whom they don’t want.

Umar Akmal’s three-year ban has been the fuming topic recently. The board has deprived him of playing any form of cricket for the next three years. Everyone agrees that Umar is a talent wasted as he has a career full of controversies along with breaching the code of conduct of PCB. But, the board has not treated every player similarly. M. Amir and Sharjeel Khan as like that of Saleem Malik shall have been banned straight after the board came to know about their match-fixing scandals. Different players, different dealing is very clear from this racist act of the board according to Shoaib Akhtar.

“The board has given cover to, saved and rehabilitated match-fixers, which has developed this mindset that ‘okay I will serve my six-month or two years ban but will be back again like Sharjeel Khan’,” Akhtar said in a video on his YouTube channel.

“The PCB’s legal department is rotten to the core. Tafazzul Rizvi, in particular, is one such individual. He has deep connections and has been with the board for 10-15 years,” said the Rawalpindi Express.

Now, Shoaib’s teammate, Younis Khan, has backed his statements and said that he has spit out the hidden truth. He claimed his mate’s statements as a bitter truth and lauded him for having the backbone to be simply uncompromisingly forthright.

“Time for PCB to honestly evaluate his remarks for the betterment of Pakistan Cricket and its players. I stand by with Shoaib Akhtar,” Younis tweeted late on Thursday.

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