Zafar Sarfaraz claims death; tested positive for COVID-19

Zafar Sarfaraz claims death; tested positive for COVID-19

Zafar Sarfaraz, the former Pakistani first-class cricketer, was tested positive for COVID-19 and has lost the grip on his life a few hours back.

Being tested positive from the critical virus, Zafar was kept on a ventilator as his conditions were severe. Unfortunately, in between fighting with death, he lost.

According to ESPNcricinfo, Zafar was in the hospital for the last three days at Peshawar. His condition was so bad.

Zafar, 50, played 15 first-class matches and scored 616 runs. He was a right-handed batsman who also played six domestic matches and scored 96 runs in the format.

However, he has become the only professional former cricketer from Pakistan to lost his life.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus spread across the globe. It has not only costed human lives but, has affected cricketing bodies, economies, wealth, needs, poor, on an equivalent basis. May Almighty keeps everyone under his protection and our condolences to Zafar Sarfaraz!

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