PSL Takra 2019

SEASON 2 – 2019

Hosted By: Abeer Ullah & Moeez Abid

Judges Panel: Anees ur Rehman, Abeer Ullah & Moeez Abid



Karachi Lahore Multan Peshawar Quetta Islamabad
Shahab Vayani Hamza Rasheed Bashaar Sohail Javed Iqbal Bazif Jabbar Mustafa Aziz
Muhammad Daniyal Raja Abdullah Uzair Khan Zeyad Niamat Hamza Baloch Haseeb Javed
Hammad Ahmed Muhammad Binyameen Iqbal محمد عثمان گجر Welaa Jutt Syed Muhammad Ali Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Bilal Saad Arshad Syed Huzaifa Ali Jaffery Raja Zain Amaañ Abbàsì Ehsan Ul Haq
Hassaan Khan Hamza Shahid Atif Awan Zohaib Khan Abrar Ahmad Hamza Khan I
Mubib Khan Shaheer Alvi Zeeshan Hussain Sajeel Malik Muhammad Abdullah Waseem Danyal Abbasi

Rules & Instruction

  1. 36 Members will play in 6 Teams
  2. Matches will take place on Saturdays & Sundays
  3. Each match will consist of 2 rounds (Players and captains rounds)
  4. 2 Topics will be given in a match for both teams
  5. Points will be given by each judge out of 10
  6. 10 Minutes will be given for debate per Topic
  7. Avoid brief comments, express your point in detail with supporting facts.
  8. Captain must be present on the thread throughout the match
  9. For every round captain has to nominated 2 players from his side
  10. In any case of emergency captain has to inform management half hour before the match and nominate the new captain.
  11. Match will be awarded to the opposing team if captain fails to report on the match thread within first 10 minutes
  12. Attendance will be marked in each match which would carry 6 Bonus points


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