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A question mark hangs over PSL-4 Final in Karachi Stadium

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As we are just days away for Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) 4th edition kick off, The continuous delay in renovation work at National Stadium in Karachi is giving rise to doubts about the future matches scheduled to take place at the venue and especially the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final.

For the past one and a half year, the National Stadium in Karachi has been going through renovation phase but with time running out, ahead of fourth edition of Pakistan Super League, there is still a large chunk of work still left incomplete.

The mega renovation work, which is expected to cost Rs1.5billion, was divided into two phases, the first phase was completed in the first week of March 2018 while the next phase was started after the conclusion of PSL-3 Final in Karachi which is yet to be complete.

It must be noted the final of season four of PSL is bound to take place at the same venue on March 17, 2019. 

According to an exclusive report by Cricket Pakistan, “The completion of work at the stadium is becoming an increasingly difficult task.”

Nearly two years have passed since the work was first started at the stadium.

The main area of concern is the placement of fabric over the roof of the stadium — something which is yet to start.

The fabric has arrived  but the experts and technicians — who will monitor its fixing — have not arrived yet although they have applied for their visas. It is expected that they will arrive in Pakistan in a week or so — from Malaysia and various different countries.

A roof of Teflon brought from Malaysia to be installed in National Stadim. Photo: File

Teflon roofs imported from Germany to be installed in NSK enclosures;

The first consignment of Teflon, imported from Germany, has reached Pakistan for installation of roofs at the enclosures. Experts from Singapore are to install the roofs.

The sources said that Teflon is commonly used in all big stadiums of various disciplines. It is a fiber-made, flexible material used at venues of football, cricket, baseball, and other sports competitions.

Teflon protects the spectators from extreme weather conditions and roofs made of it are also appealing to the eye. These fabrics filter light, cut down on glare, and provide broad illumination to large interior spaces.

A drainage system is also part of the Teflon-made roof.The sources added that experts from Singapore would reach here in a few days and start its installation. Two more consignments of teflon are to arrive. The remaining work is running side by side.

According to Green Team’s source, The PCB has informed the management of the construction company that PSL matches would be held here in March, and the development work should be done by the end of February,

Project Engineer Mumtaz Hussain was optimistic that the work at the venue will be completed with time to spare.

“We are confident that the work will be completed before the PSL final,” said Mumtaz.

“Majority of the work at the stadium is complete apart from a few areas and we are working day and night to finish the remaining work.”

Hussain also spoke about the durability of roof’s fabric — tensile material — which he hopes will last for a long period of time.

“The fabric will last for around 25 years and can sustain, both, heavy rain and high temperatures,” he said. “After installation, quarterly cleaning of the fabric will also take place.”

The stadium hosted its first international match since the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in April 2018, when West Indies came to the country for a three-match T20I series. The venue also hosted the final of PSL season three earlier in the same year.

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