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Ali Zafar reveals date for his new PSL 2020 anthem

The PSL Anthem of recent edition has turned into a drub one so far as fans have criticized it with the sarcastic trolls which have led the anthem to flop in few hours after its arrival. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were busted out with trolls on “TAYYAR HAIN”.

Ali Zafar, who has sung the PSL anthems for the first three editions were hit among the fans and gave life to PSL being its official tune. The most popular among all three was “AB KHEL JAMEGA”. Fans were loving it and needed something similar for the next edition.

In PSL 2018, the anthem was headed to Fawad who delivered “KHEL DEWANO KA” almost received trolls by more than half of the cricket-loving population and then the drub one, “TAYYAR HAIN” in 2019’s edition has been requested to swipe with another song.

Ali Zafar, has sung the PSL anthems for the first three editions. Photo: PSL / PCB

As the fans admiring Ali Zafar want him to be the official voice of PSL, he has announced that song will be prepared in a short time and will be surprising for all.

Ali Zafar on Friday revealed the date for his highly anticipated PSL anthem. Revealing the date, he said the song and the video is expected to be released by Sunday evening.

Taking to Twitter, Zafar shared a video massage in which he said he has received an overwhelming response from fans whom he had asked to send him their dancing videos to become part of his PSL song.

The singer told that his gmail account has crashed due to a large number of mails he received during the last few days.

“The new song is prepared in a short time and it will be a surprise for all,” confirms Ali Zafar in a conversation with the media.

The creation of a new anthem has a busting and conflicting story behind it which included Ali Azmat on the top.

Ali Azmat in Waseem Badami’s show revealed that some rival artists have hired bloggers to criticize the anthem which in later times became the reason for its downfall. It might indirectly be meant “Ali Zafar”.

Ali has made a hilarious comeback with a sarcastic reply using the title of PSL song 2019, “TAYYAR HAIN” and confirmed that he again will be the face of the league with his voice.

The song will officially be released soon and the enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the song with Waseem Badami being the essential key for the arrival of the new song neglecting Ali Azmat ones.

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