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PSL & CPL management in talks to collaborate a series.

The Caribbean Cricket League and the Pakistan Super League is in talks to collaborate an annual series between the winners of CPL and PSL. The Chief Operating Officer of the CPL, Pete Russell just confirmed about the talks with the PSL to host a matches 3 T20 series between the winners of CPL and PSL in America.

“It would make the most sense, to have a three-game series over four days, You have to look into all the practicalities – the commercial viability of it. The US would be a great place to play games like that. There’s definitely a feeling here that there’s a great Pakistani community, and obviously a great Caribbean community as well, so it’d be an interesting place to play it, wouldn’t it?” said Pete Russell.

Pete Russell gave a sign of possibility for the series to happen next year before the Caribbean Premier League. He went on saying that it would be a great thing to promote the game of cricket in America and it will also increase the viewership.

The T20 Champions League was based on similar format where, the top T20 franchises from each country used to compete against each other. It was a great idea which could’ve give the Champions League a global recognition but unfortunately some conflicts came up between the players who play for multiple franchises. Pete Russell did talk about this matter and said that they have a very good plan to avoid this conflict by letting the player play from the T20 franchise of his own country since the main focus is to organize a series between two franchises of two different country.

“There’s lots of opportunities to look at the champions of CPL – they could play the champions of PSL, the champions of Bangladesh etc. It’s logical. It’s also what the fans would want to see because it brings the best of the leagues together. The challenge is when do you do it, and how do you do it? Those are challenges that I’m sure everyone is looking at. From CPL’s perspective it’s definitely something that we think would be great. The champions of all these leagues would make for a great spectator sport.” said the Chief Operating Officer of CPL.

Over the last 4 years, the CPL did have a huge loss in terms of viewership and is expected to suffer some from this year but the higher authorities of the CPL are ambitious enough to make sure the league does not loses it’s popularity. The proposed series is expected to be played in America next year just right before  the next CPL. Pete Russell hopes that the proposal goes successful.

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