New venues to be added by next year’s PSL

The fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has gotten a complete grip at national venues and will be conducted merely in Pakistan with the probable exposure. The PSL 5 is inclined to be clutched from February 20, 2020, followed by a ground rocking opening ceremony.

The chief executive officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Wasim Khan has signified an addition in the venues for PSL from further editions as reported by Saj Sadiq.

As an outcome of return of cricket to the country, Wasim wills to take the cricket in every city of Pakistan to receive the utmost outcomes taking game through every country so the minority can also relish the game in their respective cities.

“By next year’s PSL, we want to be in a position to add a couple of more venues. We are looking to develop more and more venues which provide us an opportunity to take the game around the country” said the CEO of PCB

The PCB and the management have decided to add venues like Peshawar, & Faisalabad and adding Multan, to make all these three the international platforms to host the cricket matches as stadiums at these cities have also held matches of the National T20 Cup.

“For next year’s PSL we are looking at Peshawar, Multan & Faisalabad, which hosted the National T20 Cup and needs a little upgrade after which it can be an international venue, and Hyderabad, for which we are working with Sindh government for its upgrade,” said Waseem.

For PSL 2020, matches will be conducted in four of Pakistan’s cities. Lahore is to host the highest number of matches that are 13. Karachi will host 9 matches whereas, Rawalpindi Stadium will host 8 matches along Multan hosting only 3 matches.


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