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Pakistan Cricket Board unhappy with two PSL Franchises

The fourth season of the Pakistan Super League will be held in 2019 and the PSL 2019 squads for all teams were finally announced at the end of the PSL Draft that was held on November 20.

The 2019 Pakistan Super League will provide a series of firsts for supporters. In the fourth season of the Twenty20 league, which starts in Dubai in February, AB de Villiers will be making his tournament debut.

Abu Dhabi will host PSL matches for the first time – four in two days – while supporters based back in Pakistan will now get to see regular league season games.

Where finals matches have been played in Lahore and Karachi in the past two seasons, now the franchises representing those two cities will get to play in front of home faithful.

With less then 7 days remaining in the start of Pakistan Super League (PSL) season four, two franchises haven’t cleared their dues yet despite several warnings from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), reported Daily Express.

According to the Daily Express, when PCB chairman Ehsan Mani took charge of the board, it was expected that the PSL matters would run smoothly but that has not been the case.

He had given some strong statements as well and even Multan Sultan’s contract was terminated as its owners failed to meet the signed agreement. Despite all of that, franchises continue to show laziness in clearing their dues.

Sources from inside the board revealed that two franchises are yet to clear their dues. Among them one franchise had given a post-dated cheque, which was returned due to insufficient funds.

During a Governing Council meeting convened in Lahore, a few weeks ago, PCB had revealed about a cheque being returned which was issued by a PSL franchise.

The board also said that it reserves the right to take legal action against the offence. It must be noted that three to ten years punishment is levied on such an offence.

The board also threatened to file First Information Report (FIR) against the franchise but did not do that, after all franchises representatives requested the board from any proceedings since the step would bring a bad name to the league.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board didn’t disclose the name of Franchise.

It is reported that these franchises have a strong affiliation with high-level government officials and due to that, PCB has not been able to pressurise them. Moreover, they are not even responding to PCB’s official emails.

It is important to mention here that franchises are bound to deposit 50% of the expenses one month before the start of the tournament.

Via: Daily Express / Express Tribune / Saleem Khaliq

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