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Here Are the Best Reactions of People on New Anthem of Pakistan Super League

The official anthem for the 3rd edition of Pakistan Super League is released and people are not happy at all.  After a huge success of first and the second seasons of Pakistan Super League, the stage is all set for the the 3rd edition. The draft is done and the teams are ready for new challenges.

Ali Zafar, the renowned singer has been the voice of the Pakistan Super League’s anthems. The singer sung a beautiful anthem, ‘Ab Khel Ke Dikha’ for the 1st edition of the league and ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’ for the 2nd edition and now ‘Dil Se Jaan Laga De’ is the theme song for the 3rd edition of Pakistan Super League.

As i told you that people are not happy at all and here are the best reactions and compliments of people;

Well she is absolutely right:

This is so true:

Background Music of Anthem is absoluutely lit:

Sting pilani chahiye thi Ali Zafar ko :p

This is what we all want <3

Love from the other side of border <3

This guy says it all 😛

WTF BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!

Phr to next year h release hota Anthem 😛 #IYKWIM

 OYE HOYE HOYE <3 Goosebumps

JBH <3

This is so true:

 TUNE is the only thing which fans are loving <3

In sha ALLAH <3

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