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Karachi Central Jail screens PSL final for prisoners

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With the entire country running high on cricket fever, the administration of Karachi’s Central Jail entertained its inmates with the live screening of the final of the Pakistan Super League inside its premises.

National songs echoed in the Central Jail as inmates sang to the tune of traditional music.

The screening for the final of the match was done for the inmates. Photo: Dunya News

Raising chants of ‘Pakistan zinbadad’, inmates kept a lively atmosphere throughout the screening as cricket fans sang and danced while watching the return of cricket in Karachi on a screen inside the prison. While the atmosphere was jubilant in Karachi’s National Stadium, it was pretty much the same inside the Central Jail, where fans chants slogans supporting their respective teams.

“International players coming to Pakistan to play cricket is the biggest victory,” said one of the inmates during the screening.

And while cricket brought together everyone, besides the inmates, the jail administration was also seen enjoying the moment.

Prisoners paint walls of the jail to welcome the return of cricket. Photo: Dunya News

SSP Central Jail, Hassan Sehtoo said that return of cricket was a victory for peace, the country and cricket adding that the security forces had brought law and order back in the city.

The return of cricket to Karachi after nine long years was celebrated not just in the stadium and on the streets but also in the city’s central jail where even walls had been painted to welcome the sport that binds everyone in the country together.

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