PSL likely to end up clashing with IPL

Pakistan Super League edition six following the footsteps of the fifth edition got postponed. The rise of corona cases in the players and officials caused this unfortunate decision to take place on the 4th of March 2021. Now the question that circles almost everyone’s mind is when the rest of the games would be played? The tournament can’t be afforded to just finish like this so a time would have to be selected where the league can complete its recent season safely and successfully.

Wasim Khan, the chief executive officer of PCB stressed on the fact that the management is finding the right month for the matches to be resumed but now the focus is to aid in the swift leaving of international players.
“We will be looking at other windows and we hope to play the event at a later time
What’s taking place right now is that we are carefully and slowly exiting, exiting players from our environment so that we can safely get them out and they can start to travel to wherever they need to travel in terms of moving forward. But we want to continue and finish the PSL.”

Khan did assure the public that the tournament would be continued where it was left off but the real question is when?
“As we did with the fifth season, we found a window and we finished those matches,” Khan said. “It’s firmly our belief that we will continue to aim to do that and find a window at a later date.”

It surely can’t happen in October, November as T20i world cup would be played then. The only convenient time that we can think of is May. But it’s not that easy, as if it was to happen in that month, it would come face to face with the Indian Premier League.

Wasim Khan did accept the reality and agreed that the postponing of PSL would result in headlines that no one would be fond of. Moreover, he acknowledged the truth that the easing of rules played a major part, and regaining trust can take a long time.
“There will be an issue of trust. We need to accept that the fans in particular have supported Pakistan cricket through tough times. Building back that trust will take some time and effort, but we’ll be willing to learn from the mistakes that were made; I hope that everyone will be able to learn from what’s happened.”

The former cricketer and now the CEO however is hopeful that with the support of franchisees, PSL 6 would end in a way that everyone expected without the chaos.
“If you really want to carve out a window, you can. But we have got a lot of cricket happening. You’ll have to think of player welfare, too. There are windows we’ll explore with the franchises to make this work. Trust will need to be built, there needs to be better partnerships to ensure everyone plays their part in policing this environment.”

One can only pray that PCB works out a suitable time during which there are no clashes, no booked calendars, and hopefully no deadly virus too.

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