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There is definitely a reason behind our consecutive defeats, says Aqib Javed

Aqib Javed, the head coach of most unsuccessful franchise of the PSL, Lahore Qalandars

With the mediocre dispatched deliverance in all the domains, Lahore Qalandars have always been an ill-fated franchise of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) obsessed by the last spot on the standings.

Thence, in PSL 2020, out of 3 matches been played by Lahore Qalandars, they have confronted a horrendous scotch in all. Can’t be so sure what the major reason can be behind the consecutive defeats. At least, Karachi Kings in the race have tried far better than them.

The franchise owned by Rana Fawwad has never been affluent after plenty of investments rather seem like, its meant to be the destruction for player’s careers. Lahore Qalandars have tried changing their captain, players, selection and almost every aspect but, nothing works out as they are facing miserable unfortunates.

Even if they initiate the sound start, Qalandars remit something bog-standard in the termination costing them heavily as a consequence of defeats.

Considering as an example the match between Lahore Qalandars and Islamabad United, the target Qalandars set-up was more than enough as they could have restricted the opponents before the limitations could have exceeded but, not needed no-ball from Shinwari at facultative time snatched the deserving and expected victory from Qalandars. Shaheen’s four trapped-up wickets and a brilliant knock of 98* by Hafeez went vacant as the Musa headed over the potential to the game. Was it Musa with the potential, the last batsman of the team with marvelous cricketing shots or the blame is for Shinwari, the game destroyer, in the end, conceding runs from the last batsman of the squad?

The only things that Qalandars have stuck to so far are their coach Aqib Javed and the worst of luck they face every time sticking to the down spot like they do fight for the last while the rests are meant to be in a clash for the trophy. It might work out if a franchise look upon a necessity needs to change the coach, the only leftover seeking metamorphism which might create a positive impact.

Aqib Javed, the head coach of most unsuccessful franchise of the PSL, Lahore Qalandars

Aqib Javed, the head coach of most unsuccessful franchise of the PSL, Lahore Qalandars

Antithetically, it seems to Aqib Javed that the problem exists somewhere in the batting that has not clicked the clinch and fails to exploit in mid-overs. As tweeted by Afra Feroze Zake who is the cricket writer and the journalist, Aqib Javed has said that,

“There is definitely the reason why we’re loosing again and again and that’s because our batting is not clicking. We’re as usual getting a flying start from top-order but mid-order is unable to carry due to which LQ not posting big totals.”

The fans of Qalandars have also demanded a sack from Aqib Javed, the only thing remaining to change as Qalandars have tried for other aspects thinking it might bring a luck to Qalandars as the players they occupy have stats up to the mark.

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